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Eastern Europe Travel

Author: Jan

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Eastern Europe travel can be an adventure that will bring lifelong memories, but you should start planning early in order to enjoy the most from your trip. First, it’s important to understand that Eastern Europe is comprised of several countries, a few of which are rather large; therefore, it’s important to begin comprising your itinerary as early as possible. The countries that makeup Eastern Europe include Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and several other smaller countries.

Begin by considering which countries interest you the most. This is quite important because unless you have the availability to extend your Eastern Europe travel for a long time, there will only be so much you can pack into your trip.

An absolute must stop during your Eastern Europe travel is , once known as the Soviet Union.

One of the most interesting countries in Eastern Europe is . This country has long ties with , and the Soviet Union; however, it is now an independent country in its own right.

If you happen to be a history buff, then is also a must for your Eastern Europe travel. You will find numerous medieval towns scattered throughout . Art lovers will enjoy the local art dealers that can be found throughout the country as well.

has it’s fair share of history as well, in fact it is easily one of the oldest countries in all of Eastern Europe. Monasteries dot the countryside of this interesting country, clearly def

ining ’s early embrace of Christianity. If you like to admire fine examples of antiquities then there is no better opportunity than the frescoes and manuscripts that are preserved to this day throughout Bulgarian monasteries. is also famous for its fine folk art and takes pride in exhibiting fine examples of native folk art in many of the small towns throughout . There are numerous opportunities to shop for memorable keepsakes of your journey, including jewelry and fine woven rugs.

Of course, no visit to would be complete without a trip to the Black Sea, one of the most popular tourist attractions in . Resorts dot the coast, inviting visitors to sunbathe and swim as well as scuba dive and simply relax.

exhibits a wide variety of customs, culture and architecture; evidence of the constant changes this country has experienced throughout its history. Warsaw is one of the most important cities in the country and visitors should take every opportunity to visit the Old Town section of Warsaw during Eastern Europe travel. Here, visitors can study Renaissance tenement housing, enjoy the view of a royal castle and admire Gothic cathedrals.

Prague is one of the most well known cities in Eastern Europe, home to Prague Castle, one of the largest castle in the world. The castle also houses the crown jewels of the Bohemian kingdom. The castle is open for tours to visitors. While in the Czech Republic, don’t forget to pick up some Bohemian crystal, a must have souvenir for your Eastern Europe travel.

Article Comments:
Bendie (1)
Hi, I'm from the Czech Republic. If you want to see a beautiful old city, visit Prague! Sometimes it's called small Paris, but in my opinion it's even more interesting. And if you're fed up with thousands of people, just take a train to some smaller cities. Visiting for example Cesky Krumluv or Telc is worth the time, you'll spend! Getting to the Czech Rep. can be really cheap if you use low-cost airlines - check www.flylowcostairlines.org to find a connection.
Rhett (1)
I am planning on backpacking throughout Eastern Europe. Prague is a must for me. Any suggestions about other places? Thanks!!!!
lindsay (1)
would it be cheaper to purchase train tickets or rent a car in germany?
lindsay (1)
i'm looking for some interesting places to visit in germany. maybe off the beaten path and we also like to party. has anyone lived there or traveled exstensively?
Eduardo (1)
Im from mexico and Im going backpack through europe starting on mid august. I want to at least see a little of every country but im a little bit nervouse because its my first trip to europe and im going alone if anyone has some good advice about hostals, places to work, to go etc.. are very welcome. my first stop will be on madrid/spain if anyone is going to be there it will be cool to have a travel partner.
Mihai Romania (1)
My name is Mihai. I'm 21 and I live in Romania. This summer (2006) I'm organizing trips in Romania. You can get caving, hiking, rockclimbing, partying a lots of mountains, great culture experience, Medieval Castles, DRACULA Castle etc. If you re interested contact me on nagualul@yahoo.com . Cheap prices !!!
Ryan (5)
okkk...here is my input. i backpacked for 6 months all through europe my junior year of college and could talk your ear off about the subject. But no one wants that so here a few recommendations: - Get a good guidebook! I cannot tell you how much this will come in handy. I travelled with the Lonely Planet Europe on a shoe-string and it was literally the most important thing i got. Check out http://www.backpackeurope.com/ for some more good tips on what to pack, etc. - France: In Paris, if you are on a budget, the 3 Ducks Hostel is on the Europe's famous hostel list and is great. There is a bar, always cool people, 10 minutes from the eiffel tower and like 20 euros a night. You're not going to find any better than that. A very awesome side-trip from Paris would be Mont St. Michel, a little city centered around a city that is only accesible at low tide. You would need to take a train from Paris to Rennes, then a bus to Pontorson/Mont St. Michel. Trust me, you do not want to miss this. - London: Everything is expensive. You will exhaust much of your budget just on lodging...i stayed in Earl's Court for 28 pounds a night....thats like $40 for a hostel!! ridiculous. I don't know a good way around it but your guidebook will keep your budget safe by recommending places to eat etc. The good news is, museums are free. - The Netherlands: Ok, of course, Amsterdam. If you want to meet cool people, the Flying Pig Hostel is perfect. Very social, VERY liberal rules. There are two in Amsterdam. The Flying Pig Palace is located near a huge park and is a very chill and relaxing place. You can have a beer downstairs and smoke to your hearts desire. A nice location. The Flying Pig Downtown is the party place. A much more dangerous location(red light district) but it will always be a party. Not a good place if you want to sleep. I would recommend asking the hostel people about bus trips to the Dutch countryside where you can see windmills and people walking around in clogs. Its pretty cool. - Germany: Hamburg is a great place to go as the person above said. There are many big, famous cities in Germany so plan your time accordingly. The Tent in Munich is a great place to stay...you stay in this huge tent witha bunch of other people and there are bonfires and stuff at night. Very sociable. Berlin has tons for great backpackers spots including Mitte's and Circus. Check out Dresden to see some world war II damage and the famous First Kiss painting. That's a good start. Let me know if you have any questions...you will undoubtedly have the time of your lives.
Matt (5)
hi everyone ... i m also have a plan to go to europe soon , i have a plan to go to london , france, italy, switzerland, germany, belgium, natherland, denmark and other country in europe....is there anyone can help me with some advised coz i dont know about travel , this is my first time ....i would like to know all about europe...including budget, travel pack, hostel and transportation... tell me about beautiful places in europe..... help me plz ;) ***mattew henning.
Ruin (4)
I am planing a backpacking trip across Europe. Mid Aug. We are flying into London and going to france, Germany, and the Netherlands. I was wondering who has done it and what to check out. Maybe if anyone is going to be around at the same time, could hang out, or travel together. let me know
Suzana (4)
I'm going to be in europe this summer visiting my grandma in Bosnia. after that..i want to explore. Looking for a group of people around my age 22-37 that will be backpacking in europe. I just don't want to do it alone (i lived in italy alone for a short time...great experiance..just wouldn't want to do it alone again) anyone going or looking for more people?? Ideally..i'd like to hit france, italy (cinque terre), spain, austria, greece....you name it..i'm pretty open. -Suzana
Annett (4)
So, you've heard about Mallorca, huh? That's THE party place for a lot of people. You can take a ferry from Barcelona which shouldn't be too expensive.
Squidward (5)
I will be there in Early July and mid-late August. I am hitting up Nice when I stay at my uncle's in Hyeres. And possibly Northern Italy. We'll hit Barcelona as well. Hopefully Mallorca also.
Sarah (4)
I'm wanting to go to Ireland/Germany this summer. I was wondering if anyone knew where to find cheap airfare from the States to Europe. I went to Germany last summer, and flew for about $700. This year I cant seem to find anything under $1000. And if I can throw in my opinion, I flew RyanAir last summer, and I wasn't impressed. We flew from Germany to London, and had to go to out of the way airports, and it seems the money we saved on the ticket wasn't worth the cost of getting to and from the airport. The "London" airport is like an hour outside of London. Plus, the flight was an hour and a half late taking off from Germany. Then we flew from London to Austria, and the flight was at least on time, but I felt very unorganized.
Annett (4)
Hey there.... I am German and I live in Salt Lake right now. I am ready to go back to Europe this summer. As far as places to go to I suggest London, Nice, Portugal and Italy! Those are my favorites. You can travel very cheap in Europe. Check the flights at Germanwings.com, hlx.com. I wouldn't recommend Ryanair. They are always late and don't fly from major airports. Plus they are not a whole lot cheaper than the other ones. Another experience would be the EURORAIL pass which is a train ticket. For hotels you can go check hostelworld.com or something like that. Alrighty, if you have any specific questions just let me know. I'd love to help you!
Squidward (5)
I am off to Europe this summer (July/August). The main goals are Germany, France, and Spain. Any suggestions as far as cheap places, fares, etc.? Places to go? places to skip?
Avery (1)
Quick tips: However long you plan on staying in Spain, double it. Visit Interlaken for some crazy dare devil fun...jumpin out of Heli's, bungee jumping, white water rafting and my favorite, canyoning (it's only legal in two other places in the world) Avoid Brussles for any longer than 2 days Have fun!
Catie (5)
my family took a trip to europe a few summers ago with trafalger. it was an amazing trip, and they were extremely helpful and friendly. not only did we spend a lot of time visiting all the well known attractions through out the countries, but there was a lot of time to ourselves to explore cities on our own. id suggest trafalger if youre looking for a trip that will but structured enough to make you feel safe, yet gives you the freedom to make sure you see everything you want to see. good luck planning your trip, and i hope you have a great time! (ps...while in italy, consider seeing vinice. its amazing to visit a place you know will one day not exist, and st. mark's square is breathtaking!)
Btang (5)
Do you really want to do a tour. I travel a lot. I used to travel around the world ski racing, but just go to college now and take trips on my breaks. I've traveled with my family too. However i think that there's a difference between a vacation and traveling. Traveling is an adventure; you make ur own path. Taking a tour is just like being on a cruise ship except you stay in hotel rooms rather than cabins. When i travel, 'cause i'm young i never have a plan, always stay in the cheapest place possible as long as it has a bar, and i usually go by myself so i'm not tied down. everything somehow has always worked out, a few things dont go as planned, but when ur traveling its all fun and i know its cliche but usually the worst thing that can go wrong is the best thing that can happen. u want stories. u want to get a little excited. Now, ur family going, but still you should plan the trip and make it your own. You can either go to Europe as a tourist with a camera in your hand or you can be a traveler. The differrence is, the more you step away from the packaged tour, the more you have the opportunity to experience where you, rather than just look at. I always see the museums and famous site, but churches blend together, some stuff you'lll remember in the end, some stuff you won't, what i'll never forget was the adventure getting there and back and the people i met along the way. People in other countries see different stuff than we do every day, it makes them different, and they can offer you so much more than a tour bus ride; that's disneyland.
Margaux (5)
I am planning to go to Europe with my family over the summer and we wanna hit England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and France. Do you know any good, reliable tour groups that you have used, and how was your experience?? (i.e. Globus or Insight) Thanks in advance for anyones replys!!
Thomas (5)
Hey there I life in Swizerland at the moment and my mom runs a hotel here...just somthing simple...hehe near St.Mortiz and Zuerich in a beautifull valley...if you guys thinking of stoping by holler at me and i`ll keep some rooms free...:-) Thomas
Leif (4)
I'm heading over in march, and staying for a year or so. In summer i'll hopefully be living in denmark and working, but i'm always up for a side trip to party with some random myspace kids somewhere. keep me posted!
Heather (5)
I'll be in Europe this summer too... I am thinking mid-april through mid-june. I plan to start in Spain.. and travel through France, Belguim, Austria, Prague, Slovenia and Italy.. It would be great to meet up with some people ... :) heather
Adam (5)
I'm on eastern europe travel with someone else myself and not looking to join a group, but if people want to meet up anywhere and party or whatever that would be cool
Cali (5)
wellps we are planning to travel all around eastern europe on this summer..try to go to lots of places...we are looking for anyone that would like to go with us...it would be sooo much fun....if we are more ppl...more fun and cheaper ;) send me msg or reply

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