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Getting the 411 on Travel Info

General Travel Tips
Author: Jan

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Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it’s important to make sure that you understand some basic travel info in order to insure that you’re trip goes as smoothly as possible. This is especially important if you do not travel often of if it has been some time since you last traveled. Take a look at the following travel info to help make your trip more pleasant and hassle free.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you stay on top of travel info such as the weather anticipated to occur at your destination. Not only can this help you to avoid having your trip spoiled by unpleasant climate conditions, but it can also help you to be prepared. From July to November, you need to pay close attention to hurricane watches and warnings in coastal areas. Be aware that a tropical storm can move to a high category hurricane in almost no time.

Don’t wait to make your hotel reservations, go ahead and make them advance. This is particularly important if you are traveling to a popular location during peak season. Otherwise you may end up unable to find a place to stay or paying for more than you intended for lodging that is only average.

Most hotels boast a wake-up call service; but if you really need to be somewhere on time don’t depend on it. And don’t rely on the belief that there will be a radio alarm clock next to your bedside, either. Take the initiative and bring a small travel alarm clock with you to avoid any delays due to oversle


Always make it a point to grab a business card from your hotel’s lobby when you check in. As surprising as it may be, this can come in quite handy if you become lost in an unfamiliar city. You may never know just how many Holiday Inns there are in the world until you try to find your way back to the one where you’re staying. Keeping the hotel’s business card with travel info like the address and telephone information can make the location process much simpler.

Do you always over pack because you’re never sure if the hotel will have everything you need such as an iron, hair-dryer, etc? Cut down the load by checking ahead of time to verify the presence of these items. You can do this by either calling ahead or checking the hotel’s website.

If you’re planning to bring your laptop and get some work done or catch up on e-mail while you’re traveling be sure to find out ahead of time if the hotel has internet service as a standard amenity in their rooms and if so; what kind of service it is. If they only have a wireless connection and your laptop is fitted for that or you don’t have an adapter/converter, you could be in trouble.

Finally; if you think that you’ll be staying for more than a couple of days it can be well worth it to find out if your hotel has a guest laundry site on premises. This can really cut down on the cost of dry cleaning services.

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Alexis Fernandez (1)
I wanted to know if anyone knew any info about working abroad, and a program providing housing. I want to work in Australia but do not have much money.

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