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Queensland, Australia

Author: Jan

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Have you ever wanted to take a long walk through the rainforest?  Maybe you just want to relax on the beach all day.  A trip to Queensland, is your best bet when it comes to pleasing the whole family, or just pleasing yourself to a nice getaway.  Queensland is simply one of the most beautiful places to visit and once you get here, its hard to go back.



Queensland offers a nice and very wide array of fine dining options.  One that should not go without mention is Bistro C.  This fabulous restaurant which is located just seconds of the beach.  Bistro C has a large menu of award winning food that will keep your taste buds as well as your wallet handy.  As well as having the ultimate view of the ocean, the inside decorations are well described as casual and chic.  Talk to the locals and they can almost always point you in the direction of a good cafe or diner, whichever you prefer.



Interested in seeing exotic animals?  You should consider visiting “The Crocodile Hunter’s Australia Zoo” located on the astounding Sunshine Coast .  Each day there are a total of 14 shows going on throughout the park and each of them are truly unique.  You will surely be entertained throughout these shows, whether it be watching crocodiles snatch food out of the air, or the free flight bird show in which you watch the graceful flight of some of the most exotic bird

s in .  Be sure to ask to see the oldest living Tortoise.  She goes by the name of Harriet and she is a giant Galapagos tortoise who has been around since 1830.  This is truly an amazing Zoo that will keep you entertained throughout the day, and also give you some very good information about all the creatures that call this wonderful place home.



If you are looking for real adventure, maybe you would like to take a walk in the caves.  Capricorn Caves Tour is located in Central Queensland and are open for any size group.  Be sure to take the Cathedral Cave tour, it is the most popular tour around Christmas time, mainly because carolers like just love the way the caves sound.  Many Orchestras have performed here because of the acoustics that are produced from the cave and once you step foot inside and hear the sounds bouncing around, you will realize why.  If an adrenalin rush is what you are seeking then you should most definitely ask about abseiling.  These tours will require that you use a lighted helmet that is supplied, but nothing comes close to the experience that you will get when you take this tour.



Queensland is a phenomenal place for a vacation.  From its exciting Bistro’s to its stellar night life on its beaches, this destination will keep you entertained.  Even if you just want to relax on the beach, Queensland is the place for you.



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