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Bamako, Mali

Africa » Mali
Author: Koen

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Arriving at the airport 

- We paid 8.000 CFA for a taxi into town, but it could be cheaper since we only paid 6.000 CFA in the opposite direction. Others only paid 4.000 CFA.  
- You can change money at the airport at the usual rate, no commission.  
- The airport tax when you leave is 10.000 CFA (11/98). 


 - Hotel Le Naboun is quite good, although it's in Magnambougou, which is not in the center, so you'll need to take a minibus for 100 CFA pp. They charge 15.000 CFA a double with AC and private bathroom. They have their own restaurant, but there are several cheap restaurants nearby (350 to 500 CFA pp).  
- Mission Libanais at Rue Poincaré, 200 m west of Av. du Fleuve, charges 8.000 CFA for a double.  
- You could also sleep with the locals with Issa Camara. He works for the tourism office. You can reach him there in Bamako, at tel. or fax He
charges 10.000 CFA for a double including breakfast and dinner. 


Restaurant Central, Rue Loveran (not far from the Hotel Lac Debo near the cathedral). They have a terrace, good food costing 1.500 CFA pp. 

What to do 

- There's not that much to do in Bamako. You could visit the market, buy some local music.  
- I did get a tip about the National Museum in Bamako which has a collection of Malinese art (especially masks and statues), it's closed on Mondays.  
- The same person advises a trip to Koulikouro which is a bit a beach town (at the border of the Niger) for the Bamako citizens. 

Getting around/away 

A minibus in Bamako costs 100 CFA.   To get away, go to the Sogoniko busstation for busses to Ségou, Mopti etc..   To Mopti it takes between 8 and 10 hours by bus (8.000 CFA), a minibus takes 12 hours.  

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