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Our trip in Java (Bromo)

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Getting there and away

Tourist bus:
It’s the easiest way to go to Bromo from Yogya. Price is about 55.000 Rp (08/2000). From Bromo you can continue to Bali for about 40.000 Rp. The tourist agencies in Yogya also offer accommodation at the Bromo guesthouse, but refuse this since it's no good value (see hotel section). This trip was in a good AC bus, but you probably have to wait in Solo more than an one hour to pick up other tourists. Total travelling time will be 10 hours.

By public transport coming from Yogya: This is of course possible, but be careful. At the Surabaya bus terminal you might feel unsafe in the waiting area. It's best to go directly to the station police staff and ask them to put you straight on the bus. You will have more problems in Probolinggo. Go straight to the bus terminal and don't believe the touts hanging around trying to sell you tickets (with their commission) (info Roland Stuckhardt 5/98). Also make sure the bus drops you at the Probolinggo bus terminal, not before. It often happens that the busdriver has a deal with some kind of travel agency dropping you in front of their office in the middle of nowhere (10/98).

Accommodation at Ngadisari
Ngadisari lies 3 km from the crater rim at Cemoro Lawang.

Tourist busses coming from Yogyakarta will drop you off in Ngadisari. Here you have only two options to stay.

The Bromo Guesthouse: Not recommended at all. This is the place where the tourist busses (coming from Bali and Yogyakarta) will drop off all the tourists. The Bromo-staff might tell you that going to Yoschi's is a far walk, but in fact it's only 100 meters up the road.

Yoschi's: The most cosy place to stay in the whole Bromo area. You have four choices of breakfast (9500-19000 Rp).
- They have rooms in all price ranges. (08/2000).
- Economy room (shared bathroom, cold water) : 45.000 Rp
- Standard room (private bathroom, cold water) : 75.000 Rp
- Deluxe cottage (private bathroom, hot water, 2pp) : 165.000 Rp
- Family cottage ((private bathroom, hot water, 4pp) : 210.000 Rp
- During high season prices are 20% higher.Tel. (0335)-541018 or Fax. (0335)-541046

How to get to the crater rim?

- You can leave at 3.30 am and go by minibus to the craterrim. From there you can go by foot or by horse (25.000 Rp) to the foot of the Bromo, climb it and see sunset. It's very crowded at the top.
- Or you could take a bus to the foot of Mount Penenjakan and walk to viewpoint 1. From here you see the Bromo in front of you while the sun goes up on the left side. This is definitely a better viewpoint then the Bromo itself.
- Or you could do the same trip by bus, but then walk 45 min to 1 hour to viewpoint 2 on Mount Penanjakan. This is a higher and better place, and this is where the people coming from Malang are watching. This is definitely the best place. However, this walk is not to be taken lightly, especially since it is dark. If you want to do this, I advise you to take accommodation in Cemoro Lawang itself and do this with a guide.
- Or you could hire an expensive jeep at Yoschi's for 150.000 Rp at the time (8/2000). It will drive into the crater and then up again to viewpoint 2. Afterwards it will bring you to the Bromo itself, and then back to the guesthouse. The jeep leaves at 4 am and can be back at 8 am so you can catch the bus to Bali at 9 am. 

Accommodation at Cemoro Lawang
- This is the best place to stay because it’s situated at the crater rim.
- There are four possibilities to overnight.

The Lava View Lodge is the best option but also the expensiest one. You have a great view on the Bromo-plateau. Tel. (0335)541009 or Fax. (0335)541147

Prices (8/2000) change depending the season. (Low-High-Pe
- 8 Junior rooms (80.000 – 90.000 – 150.000 Rp)
- 3 Bungalows (150.000 – 200.000 – 250.000 Rp)
- 6 Superior rooms (100.000 – 120.000 – 190.000 Rp)

Hotel Bromo Permai I is the second best. Tel. (0335)541021 or Fax (0335)541021
- Room rates (8/2000) are fixed the whole year.
-  rooms (triple) with toilet, hot shower, TV (140.000 Rp)
- 5 rooms (triple) with toilet, hot shower, TV (125.000 Rp
- 10 rooms (double) with toilet, hot shower, TV (100.000 Rp)
- 15 rooms (twin) with toilet, hot shower (80.000 Rp)
- 8 rooms with shared cold bathroom (30.000 Rp)
- 10 rooms with shared cold bathroom (20.000 Rp)

The Cafe Lava Hostel: Belongs to the same owners from the Lava View Lodge but is cheaper. Tel. (0335)541009 or fax. (0335)541147
- Prices (8/2000) change depending the season. (Low-High-Peak)
- 16 basic rooms with shared bath (25.000 – 30.000 – 45.000 rp)
- 11 standard rooms with private bathroom and breakfast (50.000- 60.000-85.000 Rp)

The Cemoro Indah Hotel:
You have a great view on the Bromo-plateau but the rooms are bad and they will constantly hassle you to try to sell their tours (even during meals and during the night). If you refuse, they will try to block your own plans (going back by public transport to Probolinggo f.i.). This was confirmed by a second report I got.

Prices (8/2000) depend on low or high season
- Single room : 15.000 – 20.000 Rp
- Double room : 20.000 – 25.000 Rp
- Standard room : 75.000 – 125.000 Rp
- Superior room : 175.000 – 250.000 Rp

How to get to the crater rim?

You are already staying at the rim so you can see already Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, Mount Semeru and Mount Pananjakan.

Sunset starts at 5.00 am till 6.00 am.

Take warm clothing with you because temperature is around 15° degrees.

You can take position at the top of Mount Bromo itself or stay at the crater rim (f.i. near the Lava View hotel, can be done by foot or at a view point on Mount Pananjakan, by jeep). I recommend to stay at the rim itself and after sunrise to visit Mount Bromo by foot or horse.

A horse ride from the crater rim to Mount Bromo (2.5 km) is about 25.000 Rp. Taking a Jeep to go to the Viewpoint (12.5 km) on Mount Pananjakan and later on to Mount Bromo (10 km) is 100.000 Rp (in weekends it can be 200.000 Rp).

Accommodation at Sukapura.

Sukapura lies 18 km from the crater rim at Cemoro Lawang.

Hotel Raya Bromo, 2 km south of Sukapura on the way to Ngadisari.

This is the most upmarket place in the whole area.

All rooms have private bath and shower, hot&cold water, TV and telephone.Facilities are swimming pool, tennis court, Billiard & Karoke.

Prices are (08/2000):
- Tourist (302.500 Rp) – Deluxe (605.000 Rp) – Cottage (1.210.000 Rp) – VIP Cottage (1.815.000 Rp).
- An extra amount of 75.000 Rp will be added during the high season.

Other things to do

You can do marvellous walks in the neighbourhood. Some of these trips can be organised from Yoschi's, but they weren't very cheap (I mean the transport to the different places like a waterfall).
Mount Bromo as seen from viewpoint 2 at sunrise

Go to East Java

If you have questions on Java, please e-mail Steven Buvens

Article Comments:
Tanggal 8 April 2006 nanti saya akan berlibur ke wisata Gunung Bromo,karena saya mau menggunakan transportasi umum, maka saya ingin mendapatkan informasi tentang transportasi untuk bisa sampai ke hotel bromo yg anda tawarkan, saya berasal dari Surabaya. Dan saya mohon informasinya tarif Room per night nya pada saat ini serta fasilitas apa saja yg disediakan. Terima kasih.

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