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Mexico - Mexico City

Latin America » Mexico

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Getting there 

When arriving at the airport, there are numerous banks, most of them giving very good rates, just shop around a bit. Here also, banks give better rates then money changers.  

To get into town, you need to get a ticket for the taxi. A ticket to Zona Rosa costs 90 pesos (12/99). 


We stayed at the Zona Rosa. It's not the red light district as you might expect, on the contrary it's a very cosy and lively neighbourhood full of restaurants. All the streets have names of European cities. You'll feel very safe there, also after dark. A lot of the streets are lined with trees, and there are some pedestrian malls.   We stayed at the Hotel Krystal, Av. Liverpool 155,  which is a big 5-star hotel. They charge 1700 Pesos for a double room with TV, bathroom, swimming pool etc... Good location. 

You can make reservations through e-mail krosa@krystal.com.mx  

Have a look at the selection of Rough Guides.    


Plenty of restaurants in the zona Rosa. If you want to try something different after 2 weeks of

tacos, chilaquiles, chiquadiles etc..., go to a good Japanese sushi restaurant at Sushi Itto on Hamburgo / Estocolmo. They have great food, count on 90 Pesos for a menu.  

The Rough guides site has a large selection of restaurants.  

What to do 

It's of course inevitable to have a look at the Bosque de Chapultepec where you can just walk a bit and watch people having fun. There's a castle and a statue for 6 young soldiers.  

Top of the bill is of course the Archeological museum which is a real must. Entrance is 25 Pesos (12/99). In front of the museum, you can see 4 Indians throwing themselves from a pillar attached with a rope of course. Their performance is every hour.  

Teotihuacan is of course also a must. You can either take an expensive tour for about 240 Pesos, or a private taxi for 750 Pesos. The best option however is to go yourself with public transport. You can best take a metro to "Autobuses del Norte". The metro system is very efficient. From there you go to gate nr. 8 and buy your ticket for the bus. It takes about an hour, and the bus drops you right at the entrance of the site. Admittance is 25 pesos.

Article Comments:
Gabriel (4)
I went to mexico city and didn't spend a dime because this girl invited me to go see her family. Come to find out her dad is the president of every american embassy in mexico and central american. It was cool because I got to see everything mexico and alcapulco for free
Jessica and Heather (5)
we went there and it was awesome so all you travelers out there defintally need to go its fun and the Marquis Reforma is a great hotel to stay in.
Amanda (5)
well, I drove down the pacific coast of mexico all the way through to guatamala to honduras and then to nicaragua finally ending in costa rica. It was a blast we did it in just over two weeks and that's including stopping for five days in la barrita and three in puerto escondito. I dunno about going on a motorcycle but it was great in a car, camping the beaches along the way. My biggest recommendation though is DO NOT drive at night, especially once you're in central america but it's dangerous in mexico too. Also....be careful of the damned topes (speedbumps) they're killer!
Tasha (4)
My boyfriend and I are going to Mexico City the weekend of April 13th. Any tips? We are just flying in and not sure where we are staying. We would like to stay in a hostel called Hostel Amigo or in Zona Rosa but I'm not sure so any advice would be great! I spoke to a few people who suggest places to go, but I just wanted to know other's experience in the area and what places have a lot of culture and excitement. Thank you
razorscome (5)
Mexico City and Acapulco are in my opinon the best cities. It's very beautiful in both places and there is a lot to do.
shawn (4)
hello all, me and my wife are plaining a trip to mexico city or south america and know nothing about either. where would be the best places to go at both places and which do you think is better? we plan to go in may of this year and need some help thanks!
Nikki (4)
'm thinking i might do Mexico this summer. was originally planning Cuba, but i don't speak Spanish and there's just too much in Cuba that i would really, really need to know the language for. not that i won't have the same problem in Mexico, but not so much. i hope. plus Mexico'll be cheaper and i'm poor, so yeah. i haven't done any research on it yet. i have no idea where i would be going, but i'll be trying to avoid touristy beach towns as much as possible.
razorscome (5)
Mexico City like always. I go to Mexico City and while im there i go on weekend trips to Cuernavaca, Toluca, Tequestistengo, and Acapulco

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