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Visa/Crossing the border

The info you find here was taken from the Lonely planet Thorn tree.

All Arab countries of the Middle East, the Gulf and North Africa (except Egypt, Jordan and Morocco), as well as Iran, some African countries and a few other Muslim countries in Asia, refuse entry to travellers whose passport bears evidence of a visit to Israel. 'Evidence' means Israeli stamps of any kind (entry or exit, or visas for other countries issued in Tel Aviv), plus entry or exit stamps from the Egyptian border posts at Taba (near Eilat) and Rafah (Gaza Strip), or the Jordanian border posts at the Sheikh Hussein Bridge (near Irbid), the King Hussein Bridge (near the Dead Sea) or the Wadi Araba crossing (between Aqaba and Eilat).

ISRAEL: Will *always*, at all borders and airports, stamp you in and out on a piece of paper rather than in your passport, if you ask them forcefully enough. This fact solves 99% of 'keeping Israel out of my passport' problems. Free visas issued to everybody on arrival. 

EGYPT: Reasonably cheap visas issued to most nationalities on arrival they never stamp you in or out on a piece of paper. Entry or exit stamps from the Egyptian crossing points into Israel at both Rafah and Taba will prohibit later travel into countries that refuse entry to people with evidence of a visit to Israel. If you explain you want to travel on into other Arab countries after Israel, most Western consulates in Cairo will issue travellers with limited validity second passports for tourist travel to Israel only. 

JORDAN: Visas (sometimes nastily expensive) issued to most Western nationalities on arrival. They'll never stamp you *in* on a piece of paper (see exception below), but will always stamp you *out* on one if you want. The King Hussein/Allenby Bridge between Jordan and the West Bank is not seen as an international border by Jordan: no visas are issued here for arriving travellers, and, if you leave Jordan via this bridge, you are permitted to return THE SAME WAY without buying a new visa (provided your old one is still valid). Drawback: Israel charges a US$35 departure tax to cross the Allenby Bridge with taxes and transport costs all included, the ove
rland journey from Amman to Jerusalem and back again costs about US$70 per person. Stamps from the two crossing-points from Jordan into Israel (the Sheikh Hussein Bridge and the Aqaba-Eilat border) will prohibit later travel into countries that refuse entry to people with evidence of a visit to Israel. 

SYRIA:Never stamp you in or out on a piece of paper. Visas required by everyone in advance, except South Africans, who can get them issued free on the border on arrival. Syrian visas are issued in Cairo, but are difficult to get. In Amman, it's virtually impossible: all applications must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation (not issued by the US consulate Brits must pay UK£24 for one) and even then the majority of applications are rejected without reason. Turkey is equally problematic. The only trouble-free place to get a Syrian visa is as far away from Syria as possible, preferably your home country. Syrian officials treat a brand-new, clean passport recently issued in Amman or Cairo as evidence of concealment of a visit to Israel and may well refuse you entry even if you hold a valid Syrian visa. Syria is at war with Israel. A plane ticket showing evidence of past or future travel to Israel (i.e., flying into Damascus and out of Tel Aviv) will mean you'll be refused entry into the country (if they notice): a reputable travel agent who knows what's what should never issue you with such a ticket. If you're refused a Syrian visa in Amman, flights to Istanbul/Ankara are about US$200. If you're refused one in Turkey, you can get the boat from Marmaris to Rhodes, then another to Limassol (Cyprus). Try for a Syrian visa in Nicosia if you fancy. There are ferries from Limassol to Haifa (Israel) - and daily buses from there to Amman - or cheapish flights from Larnaca to Tel Aviv, Amman, Cairo or Beirut. 

LEBANON: Visas are now issued on arrival at all borders to all Europeans, plus Americans, Canadians & Australians (but not NZ). Lebanon is at war with Israel and the border between the two countries is not open to foreigners. Syria doesn't issue visas in Lebanon, and if you don't hold a Syrian visa before you arrive in Lebanon, you must leave the country by air or by sea. That's it.

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Article Comments:
nosa (1)
iam egyptian women get married from arabic one have israeli id and i would like to come to israel to live with him. can i get visa while i have egyptian passport?please help
Pa (1)
How do we obtain visas to israel from Ghana?
pls i want to know the countries that need no visa to enter isreal ezekiel
Jhon Cox (5)
it is a one of the best
X-MAN (1)
im from iraq and now i live in TOUNISIA . and i love israel and all the jewish people .. i dreamed to visit israel .. my QUESTION IS : how can i get a visa to israel from TN ?
joseland johnson (1)
respected sir, iam joseland from india, iam studying computer course in my city itself, i havent travelled to any part of the world, i wish that israel must be the first tourist point for me,i will be very glad to see especially, the jeruselem church and all the sacred plces of jesus christ. iam a true christian and my father is workng as a supervisor in gulf, i even told him about my wish and he replied me that if it will not affect my studies i can have a short period of visit to the holy country. i have been searching for a long time in the net about the travel to israel. now my request to you is that kndly give me all kind of details according to this or even if possible please arrange for me a chance to visit the holy places, and let me know detaild how costly it is for a short period of time and what all i have to do for that, kindly give me a immediate reply, joseland.
Branko (1)
I am traveling to Syria to visit the old city and then I whould like to go to Jerusalem. What are my chances for success? Any tips? Thank you for your truble.
adil (1)
thank u for you i'want a visa working to israel
thibault (1)
i'm french. i'm going to cairo. i want to travel to Israel first, and then go to Syria. considering that egyptian authorities, as you mentionned, don't stamp in or out on a piece of a paper, and that i won't be in cairo for a long time, meaning that even if my embassy accepts to issue me with a limited validity second passport for travel to Israel only, i guess it will take too long and i won t be able to wait in cairo all that time. so what are my other options, if any? thank you
Krisztina Kabai (1)
Can I get more help about going to Israel as a turist? I can't do a visa.
oamyma (1)
im tunisian my dream is to go to israel
me (1)
if u're muslims u won't get into israel.
srini (1)
Respected Sir I am srini from Egypt, I am a Indian passport holder. At present we are tourist in Egypt sir. I would like visit in Israel. so Indian passport holder is Egypt to Israel border cross point to take visa or on arrival visa. So please reply sir I will wait for your reply
taoufik (1)
iam from morocoo i want visite israel .my question how i cant take visa .in where please because her he dont have embassy

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