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Mali - Segou-Djenne

Africa » Mali

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 This is nothing special, so don't waste your time here. 
Getting to Ségou
 Many buses to and from Bamako charging 3.000 CFA. The big buses go faster. 
The Hotel l'auberge charges 14.000 CFA for a double with fan and bathroom and even has a swimming pool (11/98). 
Le Golfe has a terrace on the street, good food and is affordable.   Hotel l'auberge has very good food in a nice garden, but of course also more expensive. 
What to do? 
The market is on Monday, and you can walk along the Niger.   Don't miss a boattrip to the other side of the Niger to the village of Kalabougou where pots are made in open air. It's a great sight to see women putting these pots in the fire.  


- The Campement is excellent. Rooms cost 8.000 CFA for a double with fan, 10.000 CFA including bathroom. Tent costs 2.500 CFA pp.  
- Chez Baba costs 4.0
00 CFA and is much less comfortable.
- The Campement has good food too.  
- Chez Baba also has good fish.  
- Restaurant Kita Kourou is a bit cheaper and equally good. 
What to do? 
Top of the bill is of course the Mosque, though some people expect too much and can be disappointed  Try to get there on market day (Monday).   You can also walk to Senoussa in an hour, you don't really need a guide. 
Getting out
To Mopti 
If the water is high enough, you can take a pinasse, but in November water was already too low.   Their are bachés to Mopti leaving when full, but expect to wait a couple of hours. 
To Ségou 
Take first a bus to the Carrefour (1.000 CFA), and from there a bus to Ségou (3.000 CFA).  

Go to Mopti


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