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Tour Yogyakarta, Java

Asia » Indonesia
Author: Koen

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Getting there and away

- The airport Adisucipto lies along the way to Prambanan, 10 km out of Yogya.
- A taxi to the Yogya’s city centre costs about 11.000 Rp (8/2000).
- Indicative prices (8/2000) for flights to :
  - Jakarta (456.800 Rp)
  - Denpasar (426.000 Rp)
  - Surabaya (241.200 Rp)
  - Bandung (268.700 Rp)
  - Ujung Pandang (883.900 Rp)
  - Mataram (529.700 Rp)

When you arrive at the trainstation (probably coming from Bandung) you can choose between a taxi or a becak. A ride to the citycenter will cost 5000 Rp for both (8/2000).

Becak-drivers will start at the price of 10.000 Rp, ignore this of course.The best option is still the taxi. (fast, AC and no exhausted fume)

Most popular way is to take a tour bus which takes you to Bromo, and onwards to Bali.

- For short distances you can take a becak to drive you around.
- Some drivers offer you a city-tour for almost a whole day for 10.000 Rp per person.
- Two recommended becak-drivers are Jiman and his friend Supardi. You can find them in front of the Prambanan guesthouse at Jl. Prawirotaman. They are very well English-speaking and will not drive you from batik to silver shop in the hope to collect some commission if you not want to.

Background info
A becak-driver rents his vehicle for 1000 Rp/day. He spents another 1000 Rp for food. His average income is about 10.000 Rp/day even in tourist places. Makes 8000 Rp/day for maintaining his family.

Typical tourist Pangandaran - Yogyakarta trip
Koen took the classical tourist tour (30.000 Rp including boat and bus, 10/98):
- Leave Pangandaran at 6 am by minibus to Kalipucang.
- The boat leaves Kalipucang at 7 am. This boattrip is supposed to be a marvellous trip along remote villages according to LP), but don't expect too much of it. It takes about 3 to 4 hours till Cilacap.
- In Cilacap expect to wait at least an hour till the bus from Yogya comes to pick you up.The bus trip to Yogya took us another 4 hours.
- The drivers will stop at a mosque for their prayers, and also along a restaurant to collect their commission.
- Finally he arrived at 5 pm in Yogya. They will stop at a hotel where they get a commission, but since no one got off there, they went further to Jl. Prawirotaman, 1 of the 2 hotel areas for tourists. He got off there. Then they continue to the other hotel area.
- It is also possible to go from Pangandaran to Wonosobo. In that case they will drop you at a busstation near the intersection to Yogya, and from there you'll go on a public bus.


- The Prambanan Guesthouse, Jl. Prawirotaman 14. They charge 64.000 Rp (fan + cold water), 84.000 Rp (fan + hot water) and 116.000 Rp (AC + hot water). In low season they give a reduction of about 15 %. In high season (july-august) they're often full. They have a small swimming pool and garden were you will have your breakfast. Breakfast and "afternoon snack" (cake with tea or coffee) is included. (prices 8/00).
- You can make reservations :
  - Indonesia : fax (0274)384256 or tel. (62-274) 376167
  - Belgium : phone/fax (0032-2) 361.37.38
- Duta Garden Hotel, Timuran MG (not to be confused with Duta Guest House on Jl. Prawirotaman), is also recommended. You can get a big room with mandi and AC for 180.000 Rp (7/98). It's set in a nice garden, has a pool, and the staff can do some babysitting. Their website is at http://www.dutagardenhotel.com
- The Agung Guesthouse charges 35.000 Rp for a triple room including breakfast, private bathroom and they have a swimming pool (10/98)
- Rose Hotel on Jl. Prawirotaman is also a good deal. They have a big swimming pool, and for only 20.000 Rp, you get a double with fan, and for 40.000 Rp a double with fan and hot water (10/98). Another report was a bit less enthousisastic saying service was unpersonnal.(6/98).

Restaurants / Cafés

- Via via, Jalan Prawirotaman 24b. A Belgian run travellercafé with excellent fruit juices, milk-shakes, salad dishes and more. Every day they serve a different typical Indonesian meal. They also organizes tourtrips (see travelagencies).
- Prambanan Restaurant, Jalan Prawirotaman 14. Excellent beef dishes. Good alternative music and nice setting (bamboo tables, chairs and walls)


- Ramai Mall Lantai, Jl. A. YaniThe most luxurious shopping mall in Yogya. Shops with CD, CD-rom, fitness equipment, handicraft, ice-cream bar, Versace,…………
- Mall ?????, Jl. Malioboro 52-58With a Dunkin’ Donut, KF-Chicken, CD-ROM shop and a good choice of cheap T-shirts.
- Beringhario Market, Jl. A. Yani

The ground level is a collection of stalls selling clothes and standard-batiks, the upper level has a supermarket. Next to this building lies a street where flowers and fruits are solled.


Rates are from 3500 Rp to 4000 Rp an hour.

Interesting for mailing, not for visiting websites because speed can be frustrating low.
Tarie, Jl. Prawirotaman 11.
Protech 8, Jl. Prawirotaman

Tourist Office

Located at Jalan Malioboro 175. Closed on Sunday.

Open from Monday till Saturday from 8.00 AM to 20.00 PM


Bagus Laundry, Jl. Prawirotaman II. Tel. 0818261170.Washing is done with modern automatic washing/drying machines.
Washing per item : Small pieces (750 Rp), medium (2000 Rp) or large (3000 Rp)
Washing per weight : 6 kg is 25.000 Rp.
Prices (08/00). 

What to do?


- The Kraton itself is fine, but nothing fantastic.
- Opening hours : Mon-Thurs (8.00 AM – 14.00 PM) – Friday (8.00 AM – 11.00 AM) – closed during traditional ceremony and festival days.
- Price : 7500 Rp
- A lot of cultural events take place here like the Ramayana Ballet, Gamelan & Wayang Golek performances. Entrance is free (you will still have to pay the Kratonentrance). These performances are not like the "fake-one" held in hotels.
- Only the best dancers may perform here and are recruited by the Sultan’s wive.

Classical dance
 Kraton (Sultan palace), on Sunday between 10.30 AM – 12.00 AM

Gamelan traditional music
Kraton (Sultan palace), on Monday and Wednesday between 10.30 AM – 12.00 AM

Water castle (Taman Sari)
- The former swimming pool of the sultan and his harem. Nowadays it’s just a glimpse of what it has been. Could have been more interesting with some decent restoration.
 - Opening hours : Mon-Thurs (8.00 AM – 15.30 PM) – Friday (8.00 AM – 11.00 AM)
- Price : 1000 Rp

Birdmarket (pasar Ngasem)
Selling of birds, bats, dogs, cats, monkeys, mice,….Interesting but animals are living in cramped conditions.
Opening hours : Daily (9.00 AM – 16.00 PM)

Kota gede
It’s a suburb of Yogya. The home of the silver industry. In the workshops, you can see the whole process (melting silver and producing of silver jewellery/statues.)

- Design : It’s very hard to find any traditional batik. Almost everything is some kind of "artwork" with yelling colours. Not my taste in fact.
- Touts : Walking around in Yogya you will be definitely approached by men who start up a conversation ending up in "I know a very cheap batikshop". Going with them means that they collect a commission when you buy something in that shop. No need to follow them, plenty of shops enough.
- Prices : Before start buying something it’s best to visit shops with fixed prices so you can make up price-settings. A traditional coton batik (75cm x 95cm) is about 40.000 Rp. A traditional silk batik (100cm X 120cm) is 250.000 Rp.
- Shops with fixed rates are:
  - Batik Margaria, jl.A. Yani (Malioboro) nr. 69
  - Ramai Shopping Mall Lantai, Jl. A. Yani
  - Bargaining : It’s essential. You can reduce the price with 50 till 75 %. Consider it as a game.
- Where:
  - Jalan Tirtodipuran : Here are several shops where you can also watch the process of making batik.
  - Malioboro street
  - Inside the Kraton : Several art shops. One of them is S. Kampek (batik art studio) at Ngadisuryan KT. I/172. He has silk batiks and some with traditional design. His prices can be reduced by 75 % !!.

Jalan Malioboro / Jalan A Yani
- The main shopping street in Yogya, starts at the train station and almost ends up to the Kraton.
- Tip : The shop J.B. NOVI, Jl. A Yani 27. They sell second hand wayang golek puppets and music instruments.

Ramayana performance
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 20.00 PM – 22.00 PM
 Ndalem Pujokusirman, Jl. Brig Jen Katamso 45Everyday (20.00 PM – 21.30 PM)

Purawisata Open Theatre, Jl. Brig Jen Katamso

Ramayana open air Theatre at the Prambanan temple (Recommended)
- Prices on july 2000: VIP (60.000 Rp) – Khusus (40.000 Rp) – Utama (35.000 Rp) – Class I (20.000 Rp) – Class II (15.000 Rp)
- Tickets : Can be bought at your hotel or at a travelagency,
- The transport to the Prambanan-site will cost around 15.000 Rp for an AC-bus which will pick-up all visitors at their hotels/guesthouses.
- Performances only between May and October (19.30 PM – 21.30 PM)

Wooden puppet (Wayang Golek) performance
Every day except Saturday (15.00 PM – 17.00 PM)

Every day except Sunday (11.00 AM – 13.00 PM)
- Agastya Institute (school for narators), Jl. Gedongkiwo MD III/237
- Nitour Inc., Jl. KHA Dahlan 71

Leather puppet shadow performance.
Every day except Saturday (15.00 PM – 17.00 PM)
- Agastya Institute (school for narators), Jl. Gedongkiwo MD III/237

Every day (20.00 PM-….)
- Hanoman’s forest, Jl. Prawirotaman 9


A lot of small travelagencies can be found at the street Jl. Prawirotaman.

The following is a list of tourtrips all agencies offer, prices are indicative and without entrance/food. (Minimum of two persons required)
- Borobudur sunrise (leave at 5.00 AM, 15.000 Rp, 5 hours)
- Borobudur sunrise & Prambanan (leave at 5.00 AM, 20.000 Rp, 8 hours)
- Borobudur & Pawon & Mendut (leave at 7.30 AM, 30.000 Rp, 5 hours)
- Borobudur sunset (leave at 14.00 PM, 25.000 Rp, 5 hours)
- Prambanan sunset (leave at 14.00 PM, 25.000 Rp, 4 hours)
- Dieng Plateau & Borobudur (leave at 7.00 AM, 60.000 – 90.000 Rp, 12 hours)
- Dieng Plateau (leave at 7.00 AM, 50.000-70.000 Rp, 9 hours)
- Transport to Bromo (leave at 7.00 AM, 60.000 Rp, 11 hours)
- Baron Kukup & Krakal beach (leave at 11.00 AM, 60.000 Rp, 8 hours)
- Kota Gede & Imogiri & Parangtritis beach (leave at 11.00 AM, 35.000 Rp, 7 hours)
- Sukuh temples & Solo & Tawang Mangu (leave at 7.00 AM, 80.000 Rp, 9 hours)
- Gedung Songo & Old locomotive museum (leave at 7.00 AM, 75.000 Rp, 8 hours)
- Sunrise at Merapi Vulcano (leave at 10.00 PM, 75.000 Rp included guide, home stay and breakfast, climbing starts at 1.30 AM, 14 hours)

Via Via, Jl. Prawirotaman 24, Viavia|@yogya.wasantara.net.id, they also have a website with their trips at http://www.viaviacafe.com/yogyatrips.html

- The Belgian run travellercafé which offers only alternative tourtrips and some courses. A minimum of 2 persons is required.
- TRIPS : Bicycle trip to nearby villages (25.000 Rp) – Prambanan by bicycle (22.5000 Rp) – Alternative city trip (40.000 Rp) – Borobudur by motorbike (60.000 Rp) – Ciremai Cave & Parangtritis beach by bus (+/- 50.000 Rp)
- COURSES : Silver (40.000 Rp) – Batik (30.000 Rp) – Pottery (35.000Rp) – Cooking (30.000 Rp)
- Koen did the Kampung Naga tour and thought it was an excellent trip. We were with 4 people guided by an Indonesian girl who showed them her village by bike. You go there at a leisurely pace, so you have plenty time to take marvellous pictures and meet local people. The guide explains you how they use certain plants etc...
- They have their own site now, have a look there.

Agung Tourist service, Jl. Prawirotaman 31., tel. (0274) 370187

Taxi service – flight reservation – money changer – motor bike and car rental - tourtrips 

Around Yogyakarta

- The Prambanan temple complex is marvellously restored. Take your time for a visit. Go there as early as possible if you want to escape the heat.
- Several tours offer a combined tour with the Boko temple. Koen visited the temple very early (6.30 am) and had a great view from Boko over Prambanan which was still in dawn.
- Entrance : 37.500 Rp or 5 US$ Rp (8/2000).
- You can also see the open-air theatre where the Ramayana performance takes place almost every night between may and october. (see further for more info)
- How to get there?
  - By a travelagency : join one of the numerous tours.
  - By public transport : count on 1 hour by bus. Make sure you catch the last bus back to Yogya around 6 pm. B
  - By taxi : You can do f.e. from Yogya to Boko, then to Prambanan including the more remote Plaosan temple, and then to Borobudur. The most recent report mentions 80.000 Rp for a full day with driver going to Prambanan, Boko and Borobudur!! (10/98) Some drivers will sometimes stop at Kota Gede silver shops to collect their commission.

Mount Merapi
 Since 19/7/98, Merapi has erupted again and it is possible to go on a trip and see the lava. The Metro Guest House and Hotel organize a trip leaving at 9 pm and taking 6 hours. Price p.p. 65.000 Rp (9/98). You could also go to Vogel's at Kaliurang and see the lava at night. A posting on the LP Thorn tree said you could go to Muntilan, then a bemo to Talum, then charter a bemo to Barada observatory center. From here you are 4 km away from the crater. You can stay there for 10.000 Rp (very basic), they have food and drinks there. It's easy to see the lava from there.

See Chapter ‘Borobudur’

Go on to "Borobudur page"

If you have questions on Java, please e-mail Steven Buvens

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yoyok sandoyo (1)
Not only jogja has a spectacular actif volcano but also try to visit mount bromo and join to http://www.indobromo.com/
Alec Morris (5)
Thank you very much. I Will be traveling to Yogyakarta in a couple of weeks and am planning on buying some batiks.

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